Declares a key/value object containing CSS properties/styles that can then be used for an animation state, within an animation sequence, or as styling data for calls to animate() and keyframes().

声明一个包含 CSS 属性/样式的键值对象,可在动画序列中用作动画状态(state),或在调用 animate()keyframes() 时作为传入的样式数据。

style(tokens: '*' | { [key: string]: string | number; } | Array<'*' | { [key: string]: string | number; }>): AnimationStyleMetadata



A set of CSS styles or HTML styles associated with an animation state. The value can be any of the following:

一组 CSS 样式或与动画状态相关联的 HTML 样式。 它可以是下列值之一:

  • A key-value style pair associating a CSS property with a value.

    一个键值对,把 CSS 属性和值关联起来。

  • An array of key-value style pairs.


  • An asterisk (*), to use auto-styling, where styles are derived from the element being animated and applied to the animation when it starts.


Auto-styling can be used to define a state that depends on layout or other environmental factors.



AnimationStyleMetadata: An object that encapsulates the style data.



The following examples create animation styles that collect a set of CSS property values:

下面的例子创建了一些带有一组 CSS 属性值的动画样式:

// string values for CSS properties style({ background: "red", color: "blue" }) // numerical pixel values style({ width: 100, height: 0 })

The following example uses auto-styling to allow a component to animate from a height of 0 up to the height of the parent element:

下面的例子使用了自动样式,以允许此动画将组件的高度从 0 逐渐增长到其父元素的高度:

style({ height: 0 }), animate("1s", style({ height: "*" }))